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CLASS V  ENGLISH                      JANUARY 2018
I)                   Read the passages and answer the following questions.(Seen)

1)    When was the land discovered?
2)    Who sent the men for water?
3)    How was the country?
4)    Why did the captain send the men to the land?
5)    Why did the men rush back to the ship?
6)    Who is I in the paragraph?
7)    Pick out the word which means
Land with no vegetation-
8)    Past tense
a)     Observe                                            b)   discover
9)    Past tense
b)     a) able                                              b)   slowly
10)                       Name 2 crops mentioned here.
1)    Which was the highest point of their journey?
2)    Name the French passenger?
3)    Where did the train halt?
4)    Was there a station nearby?
5)    Match the words with the word meaning
a)  Halted      b) people travelling in buses, trains etc                 c) passengers   d)                  stopped
6)    write the other degree
High                               ________________       _____________
7)    Make sentences:        a) brake -                             b) break-
8)    Past tense:                    a) pass                                  b) halt
9)    Describing words:      a) ___________roads    b) ____________mountains
10)                                                                               Opposites                            a) easy        b)        lowest

1)    Name the boy.
2)    Two describing words for Hari
3)    Did the children love Hari?
4)    Why did all children hate Hari?
5)    What kind of tricks Hari played on children?
6)    Did you like Hari’s character? If not, why?
7)    Past tense
a.     Hate                                                         b.   Play
8)    Pick out the words which means injury by blow to body __________
9)    Write the long form
a.     Wasn’t                                                    b.   Didn’t
10)Write two actions which would make a friendly person.

1)    Name the place in Manipur where the Ningthou and Leima lived?
2)    Why did the people of Kangleipak love their king and queen?
3)    How many sons the king and queen had?
4)    Who said it “Everybody in Kangleipak should live in peace.”
5)    Describe Sanatombi in one sentence
6)    Pick out and write the word in Manipuri which means
a.     King                                                    b.   People         
c.      Queen
7)    Write the past tense
a.     Stop                                                   b.   Love
8)    Opposites
a.     Ugly x                                                b.   War x
c.      Outside x
9)    The king and the queen always ____________ of their people (think, thought)
10)           Pick out the word which means
a.     Dearly                                               b.   Quiet

II) Read the passages and answer the following questions.

1.     What did the farmer have?
2.     What did the hen lay?
3.     What did the farmer build?
4.     What was the wicked idea?
5.     Why did the farmer kill the goose?
6.     Describing words
o   ________ house
o   ________ eggs
7.      Did he get any golden eggs by killing the goose?
8.     Give a title for the story.
9.     What is the moral of the story.
10.                        Past tense     a) build                      b)think
1.     Who was Chintu?
2.     What did he buy?
3.     Who was watchful?
4.     Who said to whom “ Why are you giving me berries”
5.     What did the vender say?
6.     What did Chintu do then?
7.     Past tense     a) give                        b)find
8.     Describing words
a)The boy was ___________   and   _________
9. Write the other degree
            a) __________,                 ____________                  easiest
10. What s the moral of the story?

III)Once , four young men lived in a temple. One day, one of them said, ”We talk too much .We should learn to be quiet”. So they said to one another, “We shall not speak for seven days.”
On the next day no one spoke .But night came. And the lambs had to be lit .So one young man said to a servant, “ Light the lambs.”
The second man was surprised. He said,”We said we shall not say a word . And now you have  spoken.”
“You two are stupid. Why did you talk? “asked the third .
“I am the only one who has not talked,” said the fourth young  man.

Q1) Who lived in a temple?
Q2) What did the young man say to a servant?
Q3) Pick out and write the past tense of
Surprise ____________________________         speak ___________________________
Q4) Write the opposites
Old   x ___________________   talkative x _____________________

Q5) Choose the right word and fill in the blanks
1) The four young men thought that they   _________________ too much. (worked, talked )
2) They said that they would not ___________________ for seven days. (speak , eat )

IV)Once Juno, the Queen of gods, announced, “I will give a precious prize to the animal who has the most beautiful baby.”
So all the animals gathered at one place.They had their babies with them.Juno went to all the animals one by one.When she so a flat-nosed  baby of a monkey  ,she remarked, “What an ugly baby!This baby can never get a prize at my rate.”
The monkey’s mother was deeply hurt by Juno’s insulting comment.She held her baby close to her and whispered into the baby’ ear, “Don’t bother, my dear   child.I love you most dearly.To me you are the most precious prize.I don’t want any other  prize.May God give you long life.”

Q1) Who was Juno ?
Q 2) What did the mother monkey whisper into the baby’ ear?
Q 3) Write the past tense
Hold  _____________________     gather  _________________________
Q 4) Write 2 describing words for the baby monkey
Q 5) Complete the sentence
The most precious prize for any mother is her ___________________ .


A.IMG_20180121_131044029.jpg             B.  IMG_20180121_131014906.jpg
CIMG_20180121_131023920.jpg DIMG_20180121_131029796.jpg

I.Choose the correct word and add the suffix ___ less to the word and complete the paragraph.
help,    fear,    care,    breath,    hope

Jack was a  __________________________ boy. He went in search of his dog in to the forest. He was  __________________________, so tripped over a stone and got hurt. He felt  __________________________  as his wound started bleeding. He lost hope of finding his dog and felt  ________________. He then called out for his dog loudly. It suddenly came running towards him and it was  __________________________  by them.

II.        Write ten words with suffix  ______ less.
1.        ___________2.     ____________3._______4._______
5.        __________6.       ________7. ______8._______9._____10. _______
III.Fill in the blanks with articles :    a,  an,  the
________  bee was drinking water on  ________  bank of  ________  river.              It fell into  ________  water. It was almost drowned.  ________  dove that was watching all this, plucked  ________  leaf and threw it near  ________  tree  ________  bee climbed on  ________  leaf and flew out. It thanked  ________  dove for saving its life.
IV.       Make words ending with   –less   and    –ly :







V.        Match the following :
1.        A crowd of                      a]   islands
2.        A litter of                           b]     stars
3.        A fleet of                            c]      stairs
4.        A bunch of                        d]     ships
5.        A chain of                          e]     puppies
6.        A galaxies of                      f]      dancers
7.        A troupe of                       g]     keys
8.        A Flights of                        h]     people

VI.       Write the collective noun on the line that best fits in the sentence. The first one has been done for you.
family    crew    students    swarms    herds    team    army

1.        The volleyball  _______________  is trying hard to win the final game.
2.        The  _______________  of airline pilots are boarding the plane.
3.        On the last day of school, the  _______________  have to take all their school
books home.
4.        Her  _______________  plans to go to Disneyland during the winter holiday.
5.        The  _______________  was sent to the foreign country for peacekeeping.
6.        A  _______________  of buffalo searched for fresh grass.
7.        Gathering nectar to carry back to the hive,  _______________  of bees buzzed.
boxesVII)Make a ladder of Action Words beginning with ‘T’. The ladder begins with three letters and goes up to ten letters. You may use any form of the Action Word.

VIII)Connect each action word from the Present Tense [today] to each word from the Past Tense [before today]. Shade them with the same colour.

                                                prove                                     admitted

think                                                                          proved

Answer the following questions
1.     Why did the people of Kangleipak love their king and queen?
2.     How did the king want to select their future king?
3.     What kind of child was Sanatombi?
4.     Where did the polar bear live with her family?
5.     What did Malu learn to do from her parents?
6.     What was it that MAlu’s parents wanted her to learn?
7.     Which tribe of Red Indians attacked the travellers?
8.     Why did the train stop the first time?
9.     How many days would it take for the train to reach New York?
10.            What are the things that the people carry with them, while moving around?
11.            Where all do you find these very busy people?
12.            Why do you think all these people are in a hurry?
13.            Why did all the children hate Hari?
14.            What are the things the girl does not want to share?
15.            Did the boy share his toffee and tricycle with others?
16.            Why are the two children nobody’s friends?
17.            Why did the captain send the men to the land?
18.            Why did the men rush back to the ship?

Describe the following in 6-8 sentences
1.     Malu Bhalu
2.     Topsy Turvy land
3.     Hari the little bully
4.     My favourite teacher
5.     A train journey
6.     Importance of trees

Complete the tenses
1.     Live           __________
2.      __________    met
3.     Obey        _________
4.     ________          asked
5.     Come       _______
6.     ________          thought
7.     Reply        ________
8.     _________                    noticed
9.     Ask                       ______

10.            _________  entered

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