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(Pune cluster)
Class III, EVS Question Bank for SA-II,

I._____________________ is the father of Braille Script.
ii. The blind use a__________________ stick when they go out.
iii.__________________ script is read by running the fingers on raised dots.
iv. Blind people have strong  ________________ and  ________________senses.
v. Braille script is based on _________  points.
1.Old people                         a. is written with pointed tool.
2.Blind people have             b. means signs of letter.
3. Braille script                      c. Love and care
4.Script                                   d. are physically  weak.
5.Old people need                e. strong smelling and hearing senses.


3.  Answer the following questions:
(a)   With whom do you share your feelings?
(b)  What Kind of problem do senior citizen have?

3.   Using Braille script write the following words and numbers:-
(a)  Class-__________________________________________________
(b) your  Name:____________________________________________
(c)  India:__________________________________________________
(d) Pune:-_____________________________________________
(e)  Your Name:-____________________________________________
(f)   2:____________________
(g)  27:_____________________
(h) 34:-_______________________
(i)    90:___________________
(j)    100:-______________________

Chapter 14 (THE STORY OF FOOD)
1.   Cross (X) the odd one out.
a)   Lemon            Orange      Garlic                   Mausmbi
b)   Potato             Corn           Turnip        Onion
c)   Honey             Meat           Eggs          Banana
d)   Cabbage                  Turmeric    Ajwain        Chilli
e)   Pea                 Gram                    Rajma                  Cauliflower

2.   Which is a spicy plant ?
a)   Turmeric                            b)  Potato                      c)  Tomato

3.   Radish is a
a)   Root         b) Leaves                     c) Stem                      d) Seed

4.   Fill in the blanks with the words given below:-
Mint, Carrot, Sugarcane, Peas
a)   We eat the root of _____________Plant.
b)   We eat the leaves of ____________Plant.
c)   We eat the stem of _____________Plant.
d)   We eat the seeds of _____________Plant.

5.   Match the food items with the parts a plant.

          Fruit (   )

             Leaf  (    )

            Stem  (   )

              Seed  (    )

             Flower (    )

ROOT (     )
                     Chapter 15 (MAKING POTS)        


1.       ______________________________________________________________________________

2.       ______________________________________________________________________________


        5. ______________________________________________________________________________

1.   What do you call a person who makes pots?

2.   Name the different things necessary for making a clay pot?

3.   From where does the potter get clay to make pots

4.   Why clay pots are baked in kiln?
____________________________________________________ .

5.   Why can’t we use sand instead of clay for making pots?

6.   Draw and colour any four things made of clay. Write its use


Draw a potter’s wheel.

Chapter -1
1.   My Favorite Sports man/ Sports woman is.
2.   Which game do you like to play the most ?
3.   Name the games you like to play in a House.
4.   Name the games you like to play in a ground.
5.   Name of the india’s national game.
6.   Name any two games in which nothing is needed besides players.
a)   __________________________
b)   __________________________
7.   The game we play in ground are called
8.   The game we play in ground are called

9.   Classify the following games into outdoor games and indoor games.
Carom , Stappoo (Hop-Scotch),  Marker Thippi, Ludo, Pithoo, Gilli Danda, Langri Taang, Chess, Snake-Ladder, Kabbadi, Cards, House-house.
Outdoor Games                                        Indoor Game
1.______________                                 1. ______________
2.______________                                 2. .______________ 
3..______________                                3. .______________ 
4. .______________                               4. .______________ 
5. .______________                               5. .______________ 
6. .______________                               6. .______________ 

10.       How many players are needed to play
a)   Carrom:-___________________
b)   Ludo:- _____________________
c)   Chess:-____________________
d)   Kabaddi:- _________________
e)   Badminton:-_______________

11.       Name three games which are played with ball
a)   __________________
b)   __________________
c)   __________________
1.    Tick the thinks you find in a post office
Postcard                        Police-Van           Envelop
Charger                         Postal-Van           Letter-Box
Inland-letter                 Exercise-Book
Stamps                          Money-Order form
Admission forms Telegram

2.   Write ‘True’ or ‘False’ against the following statements.
a)   The body of a letter-box is red and its top is black_______
b)   Letter are sorted in the police-Station._______
c)    Letters are stamped in the post office._______
d)   Letters cannot be delivered in hilly areas._______
e)   The postman delivers letters at our homes.______
Choose the correct answer:
(i)Which is the cheapest means of postal communication?
i)                        (a) Postcard                                (b) Aerogramme
ii)                     ©Inland letter                           (d) Envelope

(ii)Which is the fastest means of communication?
(a)Post card                                 (b) Post-office
(c )Telephone                             (d) Telegram
               (iii)How do we send e-mail?
     (a) Through computer                  (b) Through post office
     (c) By telephone                            (d) By mailing letter
(iv) How did people send messages in olden days?
      (a) By writing letters                     (b) Through post office
      (c )By pigeons                                 (d) Through computers

Chapter-18 (A HOUSE LIKE THIS !)
I.             Given below is a house in an area where earthquake occurs frequently. Look at the picture of such a house and fill in the blanks.

1.   In earthquake prone area houses are made of ____________ (wood, cement)

2.   It is made in such a way that it is ____________ to build it again.( easier, costlier)

3.   The damage caused is ___________ if they collapse.(less, more)

4.   A massive earthquake occurred in __________ on 25th April 2015.(Nepal, Thailand)

II.          Match the following

                        A                                                             B

1.   Early men lived in                                    temporary houses. (   )
2.   Igloos are found in                                   helps the ice or water
to slide down.(   )
3.   Sloping roof                                             are found in places
having heavy rainfall. (   )  
4.   Tents are                                                 snow covered area. (  )
5.   House on stilt                                           caves. (   )
III.           Colour and name the two houses. State any two differences between the two                                                             https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcToSW_SaSk2q0yNoF___Vzq9iGQp7p3GJBxb-rpuKQir1r2v3ygGg                         https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSQat-FX52591g7l0b8peumVIqdWXaOP9a8s1KGMejxYrf3f65OPQ
______________________                         ________________________
______________________                         ________________________  

IV.         Answer the following questions:

(a)  Why are houses made of different types?

(b)           Why does everyone need a house?

1.   Match the animals with their homes by drawing lines

                               Monkey                  Rabbit                Goat                   Hen  Squirrel

Burrow                 Tree                   Coop             nest on a tree                        Farm

2.   Match with numbers:

                 ANIMAL                                                                   USE

        1. The cow
makes the soil fertile (
        2. Horse and donkeys
carries logs of wood (
        3. Hens
plough our fields (

        4. The sheep
silk (

        5. The honeybee
honey (

        6. The silkworm
wool (

        7. The oxen
Eggs (

        8. The elephant
carries our loads (

        9. The earthworm
milk (

3.   Match the following
a)   Pets should be treated                     i) insects which harm food.
b)   Animals also need                             ii) tease or hurt animals.
c)    Plants and animals                            iii) well.
d)   The parrots eat                                  iv) water and food like us.
e)   One should not                                  v) depend on each other for
their survival.
4.   Fill in the blanks
Help box
Wound,   speeding,          bholi,        field,         veterinary, doctor

a)   Menu called her cow ______________.
b)   Menu took her cow to the __________ to graze daily.
c)   One day a ______________scooter hit Meenu’s cow.
d)   The _________ was bleeding heavily.
e)   People in meenu’s family took bholi to the _______________.

Tick the correct answer
1.    The thing/ things animals need to live
a)   Food                                               c) Water
b)   Air                                                  d) All of these.
2.   Honey is prepared by
a)   Housefly                                        c) Spider
b)   Honeybee                                     d) Grasshopper
3.   Silk is obtained from
a)   Silk-worm                                               c) Tape-worm
b)   Earth-worm                                           d) Red-worm
4.   Which of these live in our house
a)   Lizard                                                       c) Housefly
b)   Cockroach                                    d) All of these.
5.   This is our national bird
a)   Parrot                                                     c) Peacock
b)   Eagle                                                        d) Sparrow
6.   This is our national animal
a)   Camel                                                      c) Lion
b)   Tiger                                                        d) Horse

Chapter-20 (DROP BY DROP)
Answer the following questions:-
1.   Name the most important natural source of water?
2.   What is the reason for scarcity of rain in Rajasthan ?
3.   What do you see all around in Rajasthan?
4.   Why water is precious for us ?

5.   Fill in the blanks :-
a)   Tank is a way of collecting__________.
b)   Water can be _____________.
c)    Water collected in tank is mostly used for __________.
d)   The roof of the house is made _________ so that rain water the  flows in a pipe.
6.   Mark ‘True’ and ’False’ :-

Water used for washing clothes can be reused in toilet.

Water is precious we should not waste it.

Do not let the water run while brushing teeth.

1.   Match the following:-
a)   Sitamma                                              i) Teacher
b)   Tara                                                      ii) Clerk
c)    Tataram                                               iii)Chennai
d)   Sara                                                      iv) cooks tasty food
e)   Habib                                                    v) Guntoor
f)     Tararam’s Chache                             vi) Mumbai
2.   Encircle the correct answer:-
a)   Kaveri plays Carram with his brother/ sister.
b)   Krishna’s father goes to shop/ office everyday.
c)    Krishna and kaveri live with their mother/father.
d)   Krishna /Kaveri likes to stay in her own house.

3.   Collect the following information about the family of your friends:-
Name of the friend
No. of family members
Type of the family





Answer the following:-
1.   What is a map?
2.   What is a Landmark ?
3.   Why do we use symbols in maths?
4.   Fill in the blanks:-
a)   The sun rises in the ________and sets in the __________.
b)   Kashmir is in ______________ of India.
c)    Chennai is in ______________ of India.
5.   Activity:-
 Name and draw four directions.

1.   Mention the type of dresses worn by the people of :
a)   Punjab: ___________________
b)   Gujrat: ___________________
c)   West Bengal: ______________
d)   Kashmir: _________________
e)   Rajasthan: ________________
2.   Write ‘T’ for true and ‘F’ for false against the following statements:-
a)   Sajid’s sister gave her a shirt.
b)   Sajid’s like the Dupatta very much.
c)   She saw the dupatta in her dream.
3.   Answer the following
i)             Write the name of three unstitched clothes.
ii)            Write and draw three stitched clothes.
Picture of 2 stitched clothes
1)                                                     2)  

Chapter-24 (WEB OF LIFE)
Answer the following questions:-
1.   Write five natural things which we use in our daily life?
2.   Write 3 things which animals require to grow?
3.   What are the things a bird requires to make a nest?
4.   Make a list of things which we need to make a house?
5.   Why do animals, birds and human beings require house?


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