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UNIT -8, 9  The Giving Tree, Books, Going to buy a book
Answer the following
1 )What did the boy make with the trunk of the tree ?
2) How did the tree help the boy earn money ?
3)Why is the play called  “ The Giving Tree” ?
4) What did the library door say ?
5) What did the books in the library look like ?
6)Why did grandfather give the children money ?
7)Quote from memory
Tall skinny________________________________
____________________________________ themselves.                                                                     

1)Make a new word and complete the sentence
a) Throw the ball  ____________________. (slow )
b) The tree gave its fruit to the boy _________________ .( happy )
2) Fill in the blanks
C) An  ________________ is a place where aeroplanes take off and land .
d) A  _____________________ is a place where food is cooked.
3) Choose the correct option
e) You can have either Black Beauty  ___ Panchtantra Stories. (and /or)
f) Do you like stories  about animals ______ fairy tales ? (or /and)
4) Fill in the blanks  using describing word
g) It was a __________ night. A ______________  was listening a story .
5) Make sentence using
H ) I shall ____________________________________________
                        CREATIVE WRITING
Write a composition on the following
1)Importance of Books
2)Trees – Our Friends
Fill in the missing letter
1 s t  __ m p         2) w __  n  d  __  r  f __l  3) c l  i  __  b  __ d 
4) d  _ l __ c  i   __ u s     5)  g   __  l  __  r   e
Fill in the blanks using   ail ,ee ,ell
1)    B   __   __
2)    S  h   __  __  __
3)    M     __  __  __
4)    T  r  __  __
5)     R   __  __ __
QUESTION BANK                           UNIT: THE DONKEY, THE MILKMANS COW                       CLASS: IV
1)    Match the animals with their babies.

                A                                            B
a)     Cat                                              Pony
b)    Horse                                          Cub
c)     Tiger                                            Puppy
d)    Dog                                              Kitten
2)    Encircle the word which does not belong to the group.
a)     Cow,   buffalo ,  sheep,    sparrow
b)    Rose, sunflower,  tiger, marigold
c)      Cauliflower,  lily,  potato, carrot
d)    Bus, train, boat, scooter
3)    Underline the right words to complete the sentences.
a)     Horses   bleat/neigh
b)    Bees      buzz/chirp
c)     Lions   hoot/roar
d)    Elephants   howl/ trumpet
4)    Name one word for the following from the brackets.
( milkman,  vegetable man, tailor, nurse )
a)     A person who sells vegetables.                __________________
b)    A person who stitches our clothes          __________________
c)     A person who sells milk                            __________________
d)    A Person who looks after patients.         __________________

5)    Fill in the blanks using the words given at the end of the sentences.
a)     We should be ___________ to animals. ( kind/cruel)
b)    Children ________ walk on their heads. (can/can)
c)     The grocer was ___________ to move the cow. (able/unable)
d)    It was easy to the boy to make the cow get up. ( easy/difficult)
6)    Answer the following questions:
(i)                What is a pony?
(ii)              Why did the cow refuse to get up?
(iii)            Name the persons those who tried to make the cow move.
(iv)             What did the child finally decide on his pony?
(v)              Who finally made the cow get up and how?
7)    Give one word for the following:
(i)                The person who sells milk.
(ii)              The person who protect law and order.
(iii)            The person who sells vegetables.
(iv)            The person who is specialized in wrestling.
(v)              A place where aeroplanes take off and land.
8)    Encircle the correct spellings:
(i)                Resler             Wrestle
(ii)              Polise             Police
(iii)            Milkman       Milcmean
(iv)            Icecream       eyescrim
9)    Write few sentences on following topics:
(i)                My Favourite Pet
(ii)              A Vegetable Seller
KendriyaVidyalaya,SC Pune      
 Question Bank
1)                  Complete the poem:
Then the little _______________________
__________________________________ language
_______________________________their secrets
How they built ______________________
The Watering Rhyme
Early ______________,
Or______________ hour,
Every ________________ flower.
_____________________noonday, Write the poet’s name__________________
Write the title of the poem
2) How did the tree help the boy to earn money?
3 ) Who was Nokomis?
4) Why did the grandfather give the children money?
5) Why was the cow in bad mood?
6)Who came to Akbar’s court?
7) What is the best time to water the plants?
8.How did the boy enjoy the company of the tree?
9. How did the tree help the boy earn money?
10.What did the library door say?
11.Vocabulary :Write meanings and frame into sentences. Queer, naughty, learned, acorns.

 Do as directed:
1 ) Write the past tense  - e.g. pick-picked
slip   ___________
pull _______________
go _______________
2) Choose the correct word
This sum is ________________.  (write / right )
The ______________ rises in the east.(sun/son)
3) Punctuate  the sentences.
a) onmonday i will go to school.
b) sita where are you looking .
c) the tailor went to the market mrsingh.
d) rahimravi and raju are going to see the circus.
4 ) Fill in the blanks.
The people of Germany  speak __________________  language.
The people of France  speak __________________  language
The people of Maharashtra  speak __________________  language
The people of Goa speak __________________  language
5)Fill in the blanks using describing words.
The rose is a _________________ flower.(beautiful/ugly)
The little boy was very ________________.intelligent/stupid)
6)Make a new word and complete the sentence.
The tree gave its fruit to the boy_______________.  (happy)
Read your lesson ____________(silent)
Do your work ________________(neat)
Throw the ball ____________(slow)
7)            Fill in the blanks:
We should be________________to animals. (kind / cruel )
Books give us ________________.(knowledge/nothing)
A tree has one ______________(trunk/trunks)
My mother wanted a _______________(banana/bananas)
8)            Make opposite  by adding   dis  or in
competent   _______________ able ________________
efficient___________________ respect_______________
9)            Fill in the blanks  with correct word
I love apples. So I ate an _______________ .( apple / apples)
The sun rises in the ___________.(east/west)
10) Name a famous monument of India located in Mumbai.
 Name a famous monument of India located in Delhi.
1)Write a short composition  on  Pinocchio, Hiawatha,Christmas, Importance of Books OR Trees –Our friends
1) Fill in the blanks using   ail ,ell
a)   s   h    ----   ---   ------,W--- ------  ----
b)   m     ----  -----  ----, s-----   ------  ------
2) Write the jumbled word correctly
a)            t l o u s   -----------------
b)            X o p   h  l -----------------------
c)            PAETWEES S ________________
d)            MRAIDOLG M _________________
2)            Encircle  the correct spelling 
a)Chalenegd /challannged /challenged
4)Word building: write two word related to
park.________________   _____________
Tree ___________________       ________________
Two languages___________________   ______________
5)Write ‘ ly’ in each word.
Quiet _______________  Fluent __________________ sad _______________
fierce _______________gentle______________angry_____________

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