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                                                QUESTION BANK              
            ENGLISH                               CLASS : V                               UNIT VII
            TOPSY TURVY LAND      &    GULLIVER’S   TRAVEL
Q1.  Answer these questions  :

 When do children go to school in Topsy -turvy land?
Why did the captain send the men to the land?
Why did the men rush back to the ship?
Who put Gulliver on the ground? And why?
Why did the giant carry a reaping hook?
In the poem “Topsy-turvy land” if the buses travel on the sea, then where of the boats travel?

Q2.  Creative writing:

 Imagine a topsy-turvy land scene and describe it in ten sentences.
Write five things that you do at home to make your home look neat and clean.
Write a paragraph on “If you find yourself in the land of dwarfs/giants, what will you do?
Write a paragraph on “How to keep ourselves neat & clean.
Write five difference between Topsy-turvy land & our land.

Q3. Grammar:
Do as directed:
Complete the sentences:

I felt as light as ______ after exercising.
His feet were as cold as __________.
The old man’s hair is as white as _____________.
The newspaper boy was as slow as _________ in delivering the papers.

Rearrange the jumbled words and make a meaningful sentence:

1.Renu naughty  is a girl.
2.  untidy  room  Her always is.
3. mother Her advises her clean to it.
4. never listens She her mother to.
5. kind of What child a you are?

Punctuate the following sentences:

 oh no the bus has gone
 she fed the baby washed the dishes put the lights off and went to sleep
wasn’t tim born on the 26th of January 1989
next wednesday my sister mita is going to join the stat bank of india
when I went fishing I caught an old shoe a plastic bag and a bad cold

Fill in the blanks with degree of comparison:

 Jumping is _______ than skipping,( easy,easier,easiest)
The aeroplane is _______ of all.(fast, faster, fastest)
The horse is _______ than the elephant. (strong, stronger, strongest)
Hitting target is _________. (difficult, more difficult, most difficult)

Write rhyming words :

Pleasure   __________    ____________
Wear   ________             ____________
Land   _________       ____________
Planned    ________   _____________

Spelling :
Rearrange the letters:
Veltra              rabg         andgr             oolsch

Add vowels:
S_v_g_s               pl__s_r_               pl_nn_d          exp_r__nc_

Encircle the correctly spellings:
Bellowing bellowing,          Gulliver       Galliver,          sayler   sailor

Give one word for:

Land with no vegetation    ________
Occupants    ____________
Broken into pieces______________
Make five  words from the word  Monster

Kendriya Vidyalaya Army Area , Pune
Question Bank
Subject : English           UNIT 9                 Class : V
                     1)  SING A SONG OF PEOPLE
                     2)  AROUND THE WORLD
                                      Prepared by : Sreeja Sreeprakash                             
I)       Answer the following questions:
1)  What type of busy people have you seen in your area?
2) Why do you think all the people of city are in a hurry?
3)  Which modes of transport do peope use to move around in cities?
4)  What are the things that people carry with them while moving around?
5)  Where all do you see very busy people?
6)  Where have you seen crowds of people?
7)  Which tribe of red Indians attacked the travellers ?
8)  Which was the highest point of their journey ?
9)  Why did the train stop for the first time?
10)  How many days would it take for the train to reach NewYork?

II)  Do as directed:
Q.1)Write the opposites of the following words:
     slow     x ______
     back    x ______
     below  x _______
     loud    x _______
     up       x ______
     loud    x ______
     tall     x _____
     go      x ______

Q.2) Match the following :
1.      A crowd of              a]   islands
2.     A litter of               b]   stars
3.     A fleet of               c]   stairs
4.     A bunch of              d]   ship
5.     A chain of               e]   puppies
6.     A galaxies of           f]   dancers
7.     A troupe of             g]   keys
8.     A Flight of              h]   people

Q,3) Write the collective noun on the line that best fits in the sentence. The first one has been done for you.
(family   , crew    ,students   , swarms  ,  herds    ,team   , army)
1.      The volleyball  team   is trying hard to win the final game.
2.     The  _______________  of airline pilots are boarding the plane.
3.     On the last day of school, the  _______________  have to take all their school
books home.
4.     Her  _______________  plans to go to Disneyland during the winter holiday.
5.     The  _______________  was sent to the foreign country for peacekeeping.
6.     A  _______________  of buffalo searched for fresh grass.
7.     Gathering nectar to carry back to the hive,  _______________  of bees buzzed.

Q.4) Choose the correct word from the options given:
1.  I went to (my/mine/I) house.
2.  We have to respect (we/our/his) National flag.
3.  The boys took home (his/her/their) bags.
4.  The father of (his/her/our) Nation is Mahatma Gandhi.
5.  Please give (me/I/she) a glass of water.
6.  Mrs. Rao likes (you/your/yours)
7.  I am fond of (your/you/I) cookies.
8.  She helped (she/her/they) mother.
9.   I love (my/mine/she) country.
10. We have called (they/their/them).

Q.5)Fill in the blanks with suitable words to write about your
      class room.
 1.   This is ___________ class room. _____ is very big.
 2.   It has three windows._________ are open wide.
 3.  There is a big door. _______ is made of wood.
 4.  We have a big blackboard. _______ is a glass blackboard.
 5.  There is a table for the teacher. ________ has a beautiful tablecloth.
 6.   Mr. Rao is our class teacher. ________ is a gentle person.
 7.  Mrs. Singh teaches ______ English. ________ is very loving. _______ all
       love _______ very   much.
 8.  We read, write and play in _________ class room.
 9.  We keep _________ class room neat and clean.
10.  I love __________ classroom.

Q.6) Fill in the blanks by changing the word in the brackets suitably :
1.     The  girl sang ____________ .(beautiful)
2.    The  policeman shouted ____________ .(loud)
3.    The  oldman slept ___________ .(sound)
4.    The  child finished her homework __________. (quickly)
5.    The sun is shining _________ .(bright)
6.    The teacher spoke very __________ . (polite)

Read the given passage carefully and answer the following questions :-
Life is Like An Echo
A little boy came running excitedly to his mother saying: "Mom, there is a boy out there in the woods who is mocking me. Everything I say he says after me. If I say: "Hello," he says: "Hello." When I say "Who are you?" he says: "Who are you?" "So I got mad and jumped over the fence and went into the woods to find him. But he wasn't anywhere. So I yelled, "I'll punch you in the nose." And he said the very same thing, exactly as I had said it." The boy's mother told him, "That is only an echo answering you Monu. If you had said: 'I love you,' it would have said the same to you." There is a similar story about a dog who went into a room full of mirrors. He eventually died of exhaustion trying to fight his mirrored 'enemies.' If he had only wagged his tail once, he would have had all of them wagging their tails in friendship.
Life is like an echo or a mirror: we get out of it what we put in. So, always do good.

 1.     What did the boy say to his mom?
 2.    What did the mother reply ?
 3.    What is life ?
 4.    What moral did you get from this story?
 5.       Suggest an alternate title for this story.

                          SIOUX LIFE

Many years ago, the Sioux tribes lived on the grasslands, called the plains. They killed bison for meat. Some called these animals buffalo. The Sioux cut the meat in strips and dried it in the sun to make jerky. Buffalo hides were used to make tepees. The hides were wrapped around long poles, making tall tents. The tepees could be taken down and moved around from place to place to follow the buffalo herds. Canoes were used for traveling down a river or crossing a lake. The Sioux made buckskin clothing out of deer hides. Sometimes   they   decorated   their   clothes   with colourful beads. A group of Sioux living together was called a tribe. The leader of the tribe was called the chief. The chief often wore a long headdress of eagle feathers.
1.    Where did the Sioux tribe live ?
2.   What did they call the bison ?
3.   How did the Sioux make jerky?
4.   What did they use to make tepees ?
5.   What did they use to travel down the river ?
6.   With what do the Sioux make buckskin clothing?

Fill in the blanks :
1.    A group of Sioux living together was called _______
2.   The leader of the tribe was called the _________
3.   The chief wore long headdress of ______ feathers

24Read the passage carefully and answer the questions given below:-:

The kangaroo is found only in Australia. There are some 50 living species distributed throughout the continent. Some are no bigger than rabbits and some can even climb trees. It is the red kangaroo that is famous as Australia’s national symbol.
23      A full grown male kangaroo stands taller than a man. His tail is often called his ‘third leg’. His huge hind legs can send him sailing over a nine-foot fence with ease. A twitch of his tail can break a man’s leg like a matchstick. Female kangaroos have a pouch, which is basically a fold of skin with a single opening. A new born kangaroo is less than an inch long and is not ready for the world. So, the baby kangaroo, or joey, has to spend some time in its mother’s pouch.

Answer the questions :
1.  In which continent do we find kangaroos ?
2.  Which kangaroo is Australia’s national symbol ?
3.  What is called the third leg of the kangaroo ?
4.  What  helps the kangaroo to go over a nine feet fence ?
5.  What is a joey ?
6.   In what does the kangaroo carry the new born ?
7.   Why does the kangaroo carry the new born in its pouch ?

Creative writing:
1)  Write a paragraph about your teacher :
 Clues: (Why did she become a teacher? How does she come to school
            everyday?what are her hobbies? What books does she like to read?..........)

2)  Describe a journey by train 
      An excursion


1) Fill in the missing letters :
 s _ bw _y           pr _c _ ss _ _n       c_ ny _ns        
 c_ nd _ct _r       _nd _rn _ _ th         _ l _ v _ t_ rs
 gr _ mpy

2) Give one word for:
1.  people travelling in buses trains etc   ___________
2.  trembled or shook violently  ____________
3.  break the continuity of ____________
4.  Protected from attack  ____________
5.  body of persons or animals walking together __________
6.  deep narrow opening usually with a stream ______________
7.  person in charge of a bus or a train ______________
8.  underground passage for people to cross _______________

                            SUBJECT – ENGLISH                                  CLASS V
                                       UNIT – 8 (a) NOBODY’S  FRIEND
Q) Answer these :-
Q1)Describe the girl in the poem.
Q2) How can you say that the boy in the poem is selfish ? Give reasons.
Q3) The three stanzas of the poem tell you about different kinds of children . What kind of a child would you want to be and why ?
Q4) Is it a good thing to be selfish and mean ? What things do you share with your friends ?
Q5) Mention five qualities of a good friend .
Q) Fill in the blanks :-
Add the suffix – less to the following words  and use them to complete the sentences .Harm , fear, home, flavour , heart , care , hope , help , taste , rest.
1)    The ________hunter killed the lamb.
2)    He made ______mistakes in the test and lost marks.
3)    The chief was ______and led the troops into the field.
4)    The snake looked scary but was actually ______.
5)    The food was  ______ and _______.
6)    There was nobody to help and they were caught up in a _______situation.
7)    When they saw their house on fire they felt _____.
QIII) Creative Writing :-
1)Write a paragraph on “ My best friend.”
2) A famous proverb is : “A friend in need is a friend  indeed.” Write about an incident when your friend helped you when you were in a problem.
QIV) Make sentences after adding –ly to the following words :-
Clear , merry , bright , bad , fond.
                                     (b) THE  LITTLE  BULLY
Q1) Answer  these :-
Q1) Who was Hari and what did he like to do ?
Q2) Complete the sentences :-
a)     Hari’s mother packed many things for his lunch like eggs , _______, _________ and a bar of chocolate.
b)    Hari loved to tease , pinch and ______pin.
c)     Many _______, lobsters ,_________and ________came out of the pool and started pinching Hari.
Q3) What lesson did Hari learn in the end ?
Q4) Write five qualities  each about “good children” and “ ill-mannered children”
Q5) Fill in the blanks with appropriate articles :-
a)     Yesterday I bought ______laptop and ______IPad.
b)    My brother is _______author and has written many books.
c)     Mona made _______fruit salad. She also put _____apple , ______orange and ______banana in it.
d)    Let us go to _____good restaurant and have _____cup of coffee or ______ice – cream.
e)     I read ________interesting book yesterday. It was about _____honest police officer.
Q6) Tick the correct form of the verbs written in brackets:-
1)    There [is , are ] no news today.
2)    The cattle [are,is]grazing in the field.
3)    Meena as well as Tina [is, are] guilty.
4)    Each of these boys [has,have] passed.
5)    Mohan’s friends [has,have] come to visit him.
Q7)Creative Writing :-

a)     Suppose Hari is your classmate. Write a letter to your Principal complaining about Hari.

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